Sylvie Guillem racontée par Penny

Sylvie Guillem is a French ballet dancer born in 1965, the 23rd of February.

In 1984, Sylvie Guillem was the youngest ballet dancer étoile. At 16 year old, she joined the corps de ballet of the national Opera de Paris.

“You dance and there is an answer” is the quote that states best how she feels when she dances.

She first trained as a gymnast but she didn’t appreciate it. According to her, the beauty of dancing changes the aspect of ballet when she dances for an audience.

Her Mom was a gymnastic teacher and when Sylvie was at a young age, she realized that she had a different ability, flexibility and she worked really hard until the Opera de Paris noticed her.

What inspires me most about her is  that she is particularly  motivated about  ballet and she has the drive to improve the art form which is what I like about her and what inspires me. It makes me work harder to be more developed as a dancer and have a better mindset and it makes me work harder!


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